Berlin and Tel Aviv meet Dutch talent at YoungCapital pop-up Urban Playground by Noun-Amsterdam

All images by Brigitte Kroone, courtesy of Noun-Amsterdam

The first pop-up Urban Playground has been launched in the head office of YoungCapital in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. The renewed interior by Dutch studio Noun-Amsterdam and her young talents from Academie Artemis has been transformed into an inspiring place. YoungCapital, biggest sourcing and staffing specialist for young talent in the Netherlands, offers this great setting for their employees, freelancers, young talent and companies they work with. They have noticed all the empty offices in and around Amsterdam. By giving these places a temporary new purpose they want to support young talents who are looking for a place to work, create or get inspired.  Elements such as graffiti walls, recycled boxes, swings, bicycle tables, green-walls and other recycled elements create an unique vibrant atmosphere. Sustainability, recycling, up-cycling and young talent have played a big role in the development of the project’s.

 It is a place that makes young talent perform better by offering a work environment that meets their needs,’ explains Noun-Amsterdam owner Sandra Planken. ‘Bright colors, old and new design items, comfortable settings, relaxation corners, and visuals by young talents are some of the fundamentals that make this office a unique and happy one,’ she continues.

Noun has created several project recently in Amsterdam such as Baut Amsterdam, Beter & Leuk, Thuis aan de Amstel and social participation exhibitions & projects for young talents or even an upgrade of an elderly home.

By this summer a new dream will come true. A hidden in cabinet of curiosities, surrounded by wonderful objects and undiscovered adventures. “This summer we will create this working, retail and living space in Amsterdam. We will be working with designer, labels, artist and creative’s with and up-cycling ups. Who are part of this cabinet. An old garage tucked away in a small street near the Amstel will function as a personal working and living Space for Sandra Planken and a co- creating office and shop. 5 days a week and by appointment, we will open the gates to this unique sales adventure for clients and curious visitors. It is here that the border between commercial or practical value and conventional art seems to vanish. Our everyday life and treasures can be experienced for those who know how to look. Dutch design & fashion, social design and art will be offered in only limited editions. Mainstream will not be found here only treasures.

 Project info:

Interior designer: Noun- Amsterdam
Main contractor: Dicks Design
Project management: Sandra Planken
Young talent: Daya Harisson, Laura Kamphuis, Anne Bakker
surface: 250 m2
completion date: april 2014
photography: Brigitte Kroone


meeting tabel made out of rest materials and old bicycles

grafitti artwork by young talent laura kamphuis motor dates from 1940 and is found in an old shed

relax corner made from recycled pallets and vintage design and dress made from recycled curtains

greenmeeting corner made from cruise missile boxes and recycled wood

meetint table rest materials and art by michel willemsen made from an old scooter frame 

vintage items from amsterdam suppliers and berlin

meeting playground corner made from rest materials

wall made from recycled and upcycled moving boxes

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