Our new place!

Who doesn’t dream of working, creating or spending a night hidden in a cabinet of curiosities, surrounded by wonderful objects and undiscovered adventures? This summer we will create this working, gallery, retail and living space in Amsterdam. We will be working with designer, labels, social labs, the neighbourhood, artist and creatives. Who are a part of this blend cabinet.

An old garage tucked away in a small street near the Amstel will function as  a personal working place, co-creating office, shop and living room for social and design experiences. 5 days a week and by appointment, we will open the gates to this unique adventure for clients and curious visitors. It is here that the border between commercial or practical value and conventional art and design seems to vanish. Our everyday life, food, concepts and treasures can be experieced for those who know how to look. Dutch design & fashion, social design and art and many more things to epcerience will be offered in only limted editions. Mainstream will not be found here only treasures. 

Sandra PlankenComment