De Pronkkamer van nu, voor Huis Bartolotti door Studio Noun

The House of Bartolotti Museum will open its doors for the first time today. In this Grande house, there used to be a room which the Dutch call “the Pronkkamer”. It’s a room where people took their guest in the late 1800 century and impressed them with their art, luxury glassworks and jewelry. 

Studio Noun was asked to create the Pronkkamer it would be today. Our vision was one where all objects should shine (pronk) from top to bottom. We created a space that is colorful and combines the old styles & crafts with new and different colors and materials. 

At huis Bartolotti you can see the installation, 3D sketches and look and feel Studio Noun made (for 1 year on show). While you are standing in the old pronkkamer, we are giving you an impression so you can experience how it would be standing in the pronkkamer of the future. 

When you finish the book installation you will end up looking in a mirror, for what more is this room nowadays about than to impress guests with your own image and ego. #HetPronkenvanNu by #StudioNoun

Ps. There are 2 visions on show, one from us and one from our competitor. Come and take a look and vote what room you think will be the future. 

Huis Bartolotti
Vereniging Hendrik de Keyser
Herengracht 170