Lady Legs Wallpaper

Lady Legs Wallpaper


Lady Legs Wallpaper by Sandra Planken for Studio Noun.

The Lady Legs Walpaper is a marvelous print handprinted and collaged by Sandra. It’s structure is feminine and colorful. The combination of the pink and red makes this wallpaper a composition with a vibrant rhythm. Sandra uses the colour pink constantly. This wallpaper is an ode to all the ladies over the world.

This wallpaper is created by Sandra as a color collection. Wallpaper uncoated. The print is the result of a transformation of matter and colors used in interior design projects mixed with handmade art from Sandra.

Price per m2 €55,-.

Sent us and email at for your unique artwork wallpaper size and price. We are happy to calculate the size of your bespoke wallpaper.

Sent us and email at for your unique artwork wallpaper size and price. We are happy to calculate the size of your bespoke wallpaper. 

Delivery time 2 –3 weeks.  

We produce locally and with care. 


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