Dutch designer Sandra Planken is an autodidact artist and designer. She is the founder of Studio Noun Amsterdam. All the products and interiors that Sandra Planken has designed are based on her intuition. She likes to work like an artist does and combines this with her interior design skills. At the start of a project she first explores the building and it’s architectural features, materials and designs. From there she creates a design with here unique emotion. Her designs vary from expressive and colorful till modest and serene. From high end homes and restaurants to exciting and new pop up venues. But what they all have in common are the unique materials, original colors & forms and the surprising combinations. In all products and interior designs you can see the bespoke and unique signature of Sandra.

In her personal life Sandra lives with her husband and 2 kids in the heart of Amsterdam. This year she will alternate this with living in Barcelona. In this vibrant city she will design some new appartments and at the same time she will be working on the realization of an even more unique concept, gallery and design studio. Work of her artist friends from all over the world will be showcased alongside with her own products.

Sandra her interior design team consists of freelance creatives to whom she translates her design vision. This team is a diverse range of designers and artists. All products are produced locally and with care. Bespoke or handmade. All art drawings that are the base or design for the products are painted by Sandra.

For all images & drawings shown on this website, press kit or social media; rights reserved by Studio Noun_ Sandra Planken

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